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Engineering & Architecture

We believe that to successfully carry out a project it is essential to offer our clients an innovative, cutting edge point of view…. [+]


For many years GROUP ZARAGOZÁ has been building all types of residential projects, urbanisation projects as well as industrial…. [+]


The trend toward increasing energy needs and economic and environmental problems that arise from this are creating a new … [+]


In this area we try to offer a range of services that complement the other areas of the Group. Our experience has given us the…. [+]


The company Vicente Zaragozá was established in 1972, since then our goal has been to provide furnishings which keep the … [+]

Finished the construction of Deepdale photovoltaic plant of 5MW.
Finished the construction of Gilleys photovoltaic plant of 5MW.
Finished the construction of Short Haze lphotovoltaic plant of 5MW
Finished the construction of Peterlee photovoltaic plant of 5MW
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